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Fetish clothing includes any type of clothing and clothing material which is commonly used as a fetish.

It is possible for almost any item of clothing to be the subject of a fetish. Commonly fetishised types of clothing include lingerie, skin-tight clothing and footwear such as ballet boots and pony boots. Commonly fetishized materials include leather, fur, satin, rubber, spandex, fishnet, chainmail and fabrics made from plastics such as PVC.

The uniforms associated with certain occupations are frequently fetishised; for example, nurse, French maid, schoolchild, police (particularly motorcycle patrol) and military officer. It is possible to buy uniforms made out of fetish materials rather than regular fabric.

Note that these materials are also commonly used in functional clothing, and that clothes made of these materials are not necessarily fetishistic in nature. However, this has also led to fetishisation of functional clothing such as riding boots, divers' wetsuits and drysuits, and industrial clothing such as hazmat suits and gas masks.

Common items of fetish clothing include catsuits, corsets, gloves, thighboots and stockings, collars, bondage masks and hoods, and leather bondage harnesses. Fetish clothing is often worn within the fetish subculture, frequently as a way of keeping curious non-fetishists out of fetish clubs.

Fetish fashion models such as Midori, Bianca Beauchamp and Dita Von Teese specialise in this type of attire.

Many elements from fetish clothing have been adopted by mainstream fashion designers.

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