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Below is a list of companies supplying fetish clothing and fashion.

  • Absolute Danny : Dutch shop with online shopping.
  • Agent Provocateur : Lingerie, boudoir shoes, hosiery and jewellery. Shop in Soho, London with online shopping.
  • Alcova : Fetish shop in Rome with online shopping.
  • Axfords : Traditional corsets. Based in Brighton, UK, with online store.
  • Breathless : Latex designs for both sexes, 131 Kings Cross Road. London WC1X 9BJ UK.
  • Cocoon : Birmingham (UK) based. Very wide range of latex for both sexes including inflatables.
  • d.vote : Exclusive Rubber Latext Fetish for Men from London (UK).
  • Ectomorph : London based designer.
  • Ellen Schippers : Amsterdam-based designer.
  • Eurotique: Eurotique is a retailer of leather corsetry, lingerie, and fetish night club wear.
  • FairyGothMother : London based corsetry, fetish, glam and gothic store
  • Gandolfi : Ballet wear including catsuits, leotards and opaque hoods; London shop or mail order.
  • Honour : Branches in Watford and London (near Waterloo) with on-line store. Wide range of low cost PVC clothing; see also Skin Two.
  • House of Harlot : North London based designer of rubber garments; online store
  • House of SXN Luxury Leather Bondage and BDSM Fashion House
  • Inner Sanctum London Based designer with showroom: Show Girls, 64 Holloway Road N7 (020 7697 9072)
  • Into-LateX Extensive Range of Innovative Latex Rubber Gear for Men.
  • Leatherotics Leather clothing, hoods, corsets; in Gloucester
  • Liberation London based store in Covent Garden selling clothing for both sexes.
  • www.punitiveshoes.com Italian based manufacturer of ballet boots, pony play boots, and extreme platform boots.
  • Regulation : Islington, London, shop selling BDSM equipment and male clothing in rubber and leather.
  • Showgirls : Latex shop in Holloway Road, London
  • Stormy Leather : Manufacturer of leather corsetry, lingerie, and fetish night club wear. Also retails wide range of other goods including silk, PVC and patent leather. Based in USA.
  • Studio Gum German site (with English) make heavy rubber hoods and clothes for serious players!
  • Vollers : Specialist corset manufacturers in Portsmouth, England.
  • Weather Vain : Shop in Surrey, UK, with some online sales. Old school fetish!
  • Westward Bound : Latex clothes shop in Plymouth, England.

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