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Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

In some American sports, a cheerleader is one of a group of women who lead the cheering of the team's fans. Traditionally they wear skirts above knee length, and perform routines in which they wave pom-poms, and often participate in athletic tumbling (floor gymnastics) and lifts.

Since the introduction of overtly sexy cheerleading into pro sports in the early-to-mid 1970s, cheerleaders for pro sports teams often wear scanty uniforms (very short skirts or hotpants, and crop tops showing the midriff and cleavage). Often, their cheer manoeuvres are designed to allow spectators to glimpse their panties; in this case, the cheerleaders may wear fancy ones, possibly with lace frills.

Because of their style of dress, cheerleaders are frequently an object of fetish. Especially in America, where cheerleading is closely associated with university sports, they may be regarded as slightly older schoolgirls. They are frequently the object of spanking stories and videos.

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