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Slit miniskirt revealing stocking top
Seamed stockings attached to corset
Rubber stockings from Westward Bound

Stocking fetishism is the deriving of sexual pleasure from the wearing of stockings, or seeing someone else wearing them. Often, the pleasure comes from, or is enhanced by, feeling the stockings.

Usually, stocking fetishists prefer stockings with suspenders, rather than hold-ups. They may derive their pleasure from particular aspects, such as seams (which typically need to be as straight as possible), lacy tops or fishnets. An elaborate suspender belt may also add to enjoyment. Putting stockings on, or taking them off (yourself or someone else), or watching someone do so is another source of pleasure. Many people insist on black stockings, fishnets or silk stockings.

Transvestites often like to wear stockings, regarding them as a particularly feminine garment. Some men enjoy wearing them without being complete transvestites.

This fetishism is often combined with others, such as high heels or frilly knickers. Some people particularly like bottoms framed by stockings, suspenders and a thong.

Stockings are usually made of thin, stretchy nylon material, but may also be made of other material, such as rubber. (For a discussion of nylon thickness and denier, see tights#Denier.)

Stockings may be worn with a miniskirt so short that people can glimpse the stocking tops or even part of the suspenders.

Dark and/or patterned stockings, as well as stocking tops, were often seen in 1940s and 1950s U.S. pin-up art (in the years before pantyhose was worn), and the photographs of Elmer Batters often focused on stocking-clad legs.

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