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Clubber dressed in school uniform

A school uniform fetish is a sexual fetish in which either a person enjoys dressing in the typical uniform of a schoolchild, or someone derives sexual pleasure from viewing people dressed in this manner. While this is classified as a sexual fetish, it does not require any actual sexual contact per se. The school uniform fetish is common in both Japanese and Western pornography, making it one of the most widespread clothing-oriented fetishes worldwide. However, the behaviour of the schoolchild will vary according to the taste of the audience.


The Catholic or English school look

In the Western meme, the typical uniform is a somewhat adjusted version of the classical type. This is sometimes described as a Catholic school uniform, though in the United Kingdom it is also worn in most public and private schools.

For girls it usually includes a pleated or kilted skirt such as actual schoolgirls in the UK wear for netball. It can be very short (sometimes short enough to reveal the underwear, or lack thereof); in any case, the skirt (trousers are rare in such outfits) rarely goes below the knee. There may be a jumper in green, blue or plaid. Sometimes there is a blazer and if one is worn it should have a school crest on the breast pocket. The blouse worn is usually white; it may be tight across the breasts to emphasise them, or baggy if the intention is to de-emphasise them. The uniform may optionally include a tie and/or a straw boater (or other schoolgirl-style hat). For maximum authenticity, the uniform should include socks or anklets, sometimes white, sometimes Argyle pattern, and often knee-length, and the sort of shoes most schoolgirls would wear, such as Mary Janes, saddle shoes or school shoes (flat lace-up type). Alternatively, the woman may wear stockings with a skirt short enough to reveal the stocking tops and high-heeled shoes; this combines an explicitly sensual element with the traditionally innocent schoolgirl look. Preferred panties are usually voluminous (full cut) cotton knickers; they may be white, navy blue or dark green in colour. Undergarments that are conventionally considered "sexy" (that is, very revealing and/or composed of silky fabrics) can be worn, especially with stockings, but are largely shunned by purists. Due to the influence of Britney Spears, the variant of having the lower part of the blouse tied off to show off the midriff is becoming more popular.

An adult child dressed in a Catholic Boys School summer uniform

For boys it typically include button up shirt with collar, in either grey or school colours. The shirt's breast pocket will typical display the school crest and motto. While some school uniforms allow for grey trousers, this is normally reserved for secondary school seniors, so most will wear grey shorts. The uniform usually also has a tie in school colours. This school might also have a blazer which like the shirt will have the school crest and motto on the breast. Alternatively the school might have grey wool V-neck pullover, the V-neck often coloured in the school colours. The uniform is completed with grey knee-high socks, who cuff like the pull-over is trimmed in the school colours. They are warn black leather school shoes.

In the there is also a corresponding Girl Guide and Boy Scout uniform fetish which is also popular. In North America there is also a corresponding Cheerleader uniform fetish.

Lolita pornography frequently uses images of women in schoolgirl uniforms. Note that this look is sometimes favoured by male transvestites as well.

Media & School Uniform Fetish

In 1973 when AC/DC's Malcolm Young asked each band member to come up with their own gimmick their sister Margaret suggested Angus Young wear his old Ashfield Boys High School uniform (Sydney), which was ironic as Angus very much disliked when was at school. But the look became so popular that it is now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in New York.
Angus's year of birth was publicized as 1959 to play into the schoolboy image. This would have made him 15 years old when the band formed in 1974. However, his real year of birth is 1955. He did leave school at the age of 15, but didn't join AC/DC until 1973, when he was 18.
Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. stormed Russia and Eastern Europe in 2001 with their scandalous video "Ya Soshla S Uma" where they wore Catholic school uniforms and kissed in the rain. After that, the girls performed in the uniforms and were popular with men and women alike.
In 2002, a version of "Ya Soshla S Uma" was edited to fit their first English single "All The Things She Said". They were number one in many countries in Western Europe and the USA.
In late 2003, t.A.T.u. began recording a new video for the song "Show Me Love" in London where they again wore Catholic school uniforms but recording was put to a halt because there was no permission from the London Mayor. Instead, t.A.T.u. went to finish recording in Moscow and New York City. The video was never finished or released because t.A.T.u.'s mass popularity dwindled and concert dates were cancelled. A fan made video was created showing genuine video and news archive footage.

The Japanese school look

In the Japanese meme, the female often wears a Japanese school uniform. Typically this is based on the summer sailor fuku type (white blouse with blue sailor colour and red tie, as well as a blue pleated skirt based on the western sailor suit), except the skirt is shortened significantly. However, numerous variants exist: these can be based on Catholic schoolgirls or uniforms from anime or hentai, such as the "bustier plus miniskirt" outfit seen in Bible Black. Generally, "authentic" uniform design maximizes the display of the body's curves with minimal skin exposure.

For males emulated primary school might wear a sailor suit, as made popular by Prince Albert Edward--the Future Edward VII, in 1846. Those emulating secondary school level would wear a white under shirt, and either black or blue slacks, a matching high collar shirt.

In addition, numerous uniforms that are associated with Japanese schoolchild are also used: examples include the form-fitting navy blue one-piece swimsuit (for girls), the typical gym clothes for Japanese schoolgirls consisting of a tight white top and navy blue tights plus sneakers, and traditional Japanese martial art garb.


The schoolchild image may appeal to women because it allows them to project a more youthful, innocent, or virginal image. It may also have a less sexual aspect of nostalgia, recalling memories of a simpler time in one's life. Often the contrast of a fully-developed woman in a "childlike" role is appealing, in the same manner as other forms of sexual role-playing.

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