Medical fetishism

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Medical show at Torture Garden

Medical fetishism is where the activities and paraphernalia of medicine are eroticised. Many observers believe that medical fetishism is the result of behavioural imprinting from childhood.

Typical medical fetishism scenarios include intimate examinations (e.g. rectal examination, gynaecological examination), rectal temperature taking, catheterisation, enemas, needle play, the insertion of suppositories and prostatic massage.

An additional twist on medical fetishism is surgical fetishism, which eroticises the idea of either performing surgery or having surgery performed on oneself. Even more specific is anaesthesia fetishism which involves the procedures and devices used to perform general anaesthesia, especially the mask used to administer gaseous anaesthesia to a patient. These can be related to hypnofetishism or balloon fetishism (the latter likely because of the balloon-like 'rebreathing bag' often used when administering gaseous anaesthesia).

Medical fetishism has a strong appeal to people into SM and BDSM due to the possibilities of incorporating aspects of bondage, humiliation, and power exchange into their scening.

It should be noted that attempting to carry out medical procedures without medical training and hygiene is potentially highly dangerous and could get somebody seriously hurt or even killed.

Girls dressed as nurses

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