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Medical play is a form of BDSM scene where the participants use medical themes and equipment as the basis of explorning SM and power exchange interactions. The dominant partner pretends to be a medical person (doctor, nurse, dentist). Such scenes may involve intimate examinations and medical procedures and equipment such as enemas, catheters, medical gags and gynaecological examination tables. The focus is often on humiliation of the "patient".

A warning

Many techniques used in medical play are standard medical procedures but applied in a BDSM context. Some of these procedures are not without real risk to the "patient" both in terms of physical harm and possible infection to them. They should not be carried out without proper training by someone with appropriate experience.

No responsibility is taken by Wipipedia, LFS or any editor of this article for any loss, harm or damage you may come to by attempting any medical play without appropriate tuition.

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  • Westons Not a BDSM site but a very good source of medical equipment (needles, Speculums, etc.)
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