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Medical restraints or humane restraints are a subset of general physical restraint used for medical purposes. Unlike some other forms of restraint, medical restraints are designed to restrain their wearer without causing pain.

Medical restraints are generally used to prevent people with severe physical or mental disorders from harming themselves or others.

Forms of medical restraints include

  • Neck braces (prevents neck movement, see posture collar)
  • Leg braces (for locking the knees either straight or at 90 degrees thus serverly restricting movement)
  • Institutional cuffs (for securing a patient)
  • Air casts (inflatable 'plaster' casts for immobilising limbs)
  • Vetrap, an adhesive bandage made by 3M that sticks to itself but not to the skin. Good for Mummification

In BDSM, medical restraints can be used for longer term bondage senarios

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