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Mummification using medical vetrap from

Vetrap is a bandaging tape made from porous non-woven polyester, coated with a cohesive substance. Created for the medical and veterinary market, it requires no clips or adhesive tape for securing; it will stick to itself but not to skin. Vetrap is available in a variety of sizes and colours and costs about £2.50 for a 5m roll. Some eBay dealers are now selling Vetrap for as little as £1.30 a roll. 3M also produce a similar product known as Coban.


Vetrap is commonly used for bondage and mummification. It can also be used in dog play scenes. The victim's forearms may be bound to their upper arms and their shins to their thighs, creating four stubby limbs. For comfort, knee pads or padding should then be taped to the elbows and knees to cushion them; the victim may then be made to walk on their elbows and knees much like a dog. Similarly, it can be used in mermaid play for turning the legs into a tail.

The number of rolls of Vetrap required for bondage depends very much on what sort of bondage being attempted. To secure the arms and legs in the manner described in the previous paragraph will require two to three rolls of tape per limb, a total of about 10 rolls. More complex mummification will require between twenty and thirty rolls to wrap a body completely. Vetrap bondage is not cheap. In theory, it is possible to re-use Vetrap by unwinding it carefully. However, in practice this is a very time-consuming activity and not practical if you are trying to untie the victim quickly.

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