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Music can enhance a scene or help create a desired mood.

A distinction can be made between those pieces which are related to sadomasochism by the lyrics, those with suggesting or explicit videos and those which hint, using sound samples such as a whip crack or the cries of victims, nearly always women.


List of groups with SM related themes in their music

  • Adam Ant with "Beat My Guest" from the album "B-Side Babies" and "Whip in my Valise" from the album "Dirk Wears White Sox"
  • Covenant with "Speed" from the album Dreams of a Cryotank"
  • Die Ärzte. Songs like "Sweet Sweet Gwendoline" and "Bitte Bitte".
  • Dagmar Aigner with the "Masochisten Tango" by Tom Lehrer.
  • Depeche Mode with "Master and Servant" from the album "Some Great Reward"
  • Les Form. a French group, who began as a live SM act. From the mid-'90s, the music became prominent.
  • Genitorturers are a purely SM music group (Previews available here)
  • Guns 'N Roses with "Pretty Tied Up" from the album "Use your Illusion II"
  • Madonna brought SM elements into her work quite early, such as in "Express Yourself". The best known is known "Erotica."
  • Merzbow "Music for Bondage performance 1" and "Music for Bondage performance 2", whose Booklet contains photos and an essay of Merzbow over the history of Japan Bondage as well as some comments on SM.
  • Rolling Stones song "Under my Thumb" (Mick Jagger, 1966) is said to be about a D/s relationship.
  • Shel Silverstein suffers in "Masochistic baby" from the album "Freakin RK the Freakers ball"
  • Sleep Chamber understands his "Symphony Sexualis" and other pieces specifically as part of SM sessions.
  • Spinal Tap are actually a fictitious group. Songs like "Bitch School" (of the album of the same name) and the discussion over the cover of "Smell the Glove", led in the film Spinal TAP, qualify it as one of the groups with the largest Impact.
  • Throbbing Gristle with "Coil": This volume was a first, with the SM in their lyrics and the stage show of the same name.
  • Umbra et Imago is a pure SM music group. (Official site in English or German.)
  • Van Halen with "Spanked" from the album "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" and "House of Pain" from the album 1984.

Music with SM themes

Even from a purely commercial motives may SM references emerge in music. This begins with the music title, the stage outfit and the show and extends through incorporated samples from SM sources to productions especially made for SM customers. In addition, there is still music which became rather by mistake the cliché, mainly by excessive use at SM parties and in clubs. These include music like "Enigma" (Michel Cretu), or, more general, Ravel's "Bolero" as accompaniment to sex.

Carlos Perón is a borderline case. The founding member of Yello had a comeback from his film audio work the 1990, with productions like "Terminatrix" and "La Salle Blanche" and others such as "Wolfsheim". Whether his SM-enriched shallow techno variations show a genuine interest in SM, is unclear.

Play music

There is a wide variety of music that could accompany play. Even unpleasant sounds can be used for tormenting a lashed victim. The "right" music can enrich a session while the "wrong" music can, in the worst case, to its downfall. The play partners should agree ideally before on choice and volume. (There are many players who prefer silence to to any music.)

The following suggestions are gathered from many sources:

Calmer music

  1. Brian Eno: "Discreet Music", "Ambient 1 - 4", "Apollo", "Sunday Afternoon", "The Shutov Assembly," "Neroli" and others. The inventor of the "genuine" Ambient.
  2. Harold Budd: worked with Eno, quiet piano pieces.
  3. Robert Fripp, along with Eno: "No Pussyfooting," "Evening Star", solo: "soundscapes" (more)
  4. Jon Hassell with Eno: "Possible Musics"
  5. David Cunningham : "Extended Night", "The Secret Dub Life of the Flying Lizards"
  6. Delerium
  7. Coil: "Musick to Play in the Dark 1 & 2"
  8. Big City Orchestra Drones.
  9. Deadbeat: "Wild Life Documentaries", "Something borrowed, something blue".
  10. Bill Laswell: "Dead Slow"
  11. Peter Gabriel: "soundtrack - Last Temptation of Christ" (who apparently forgot his safeword)
  12. Dead Can Dance
  13. Tangerine Dream : "Zeit", "Alpha Centauri", "Ricochet", "Tangram", classical German electronics.

More-violent music

  1. Rammstein
  2. In Slaughter Natives: "Sacrosancts Bleed," "Enter the World Now", "Death Odors"
  3. Gabriel Roth and the Mirrors: "Waves", "Bones"
  4. Söderquist / Gasleben; "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
  5. "Ondekoza - Devils on drums"
  6. Tomita: "The Planets," "Firebird"
  7. Michael Uytterbroek: "Drums of Passion"
  8. Circle: "Spirit Drummers"
  9. Lords of Acid

Downloadable music

  • Dominion Radio - try their Bloodthirsty Dream compositions for party and scene music.

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