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List of clubs

What follows is a list of currently active clubs. A wider list including details of clubs no longer in operation go to the clubs category. This list is for clubs costing less than £30 per person entry. There is a separate page to list multi slave parties. What's on this month can be found on the LFS calendar. There is also a List of past clubs.

London area

South England

Rest Of United Kingdom

Not in the UK

Adding new clubs

If you want to add details of a new club to the database please carry out the following steps

  1. Edit this page and insert a new club entry, clubs are listed alphabetically so please insert the club in the correct position. The club should be listed using the following syntax; *[[name]].
  2. If the club uses a common word such as bondage there might already be an article of that name on the system in which case prefix the club name with club and used the following syntax *[[club bondage|bondage]] This will enable you to link to an article called 'club bondage' but display only 'bondage' on the screen.
  3. Preveiw the clubbing article and check that the link for your club apppears in purple, if it appears in blue then an article of that name already exists and you must choose a new name for you article. Save the changes when you have finished.
  4. Click on the club template link and copy the text as shown.
  5. Go back to the clubbing page and click on the link for the club you have just inserted.
  6. You will now be in an editing screen, paste the text you have copied and then replace the dummy text with details of your club.
  7. Preview, and when correct click on save. Done!

Following these steps will help keep the information we hold on clubs consistent and make it easier for people to use.

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