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Twirling dancers

Solo slave dances feature in BDSM fiction and form a significant part of the Gor sub-culture and books. Dances are performed by submissives (almost invariably female) for the enjoyment of their masters, and have a strong D/S element to them. An investigation of the Informed consent archives found very few discussions on slave dances, which would suggest that it is not an activity that is performed in the wider BDSM community.

Needless to say, dancing also features in many fetish clubs both as an activity and an entertainment; however, in this context it is no different to dancing in a vanilla club.

Two of the best-known types of solo pleasure dances are the "belly dance" and the "pole dance". Neither has a strict set of moves or sequences, but each has its own focus which an experienced viewer might expect to see. Most pleasure dances are even less formal. Often, the dancer creates his or her own dance to enhance his or her own body, while incorporating what he or she is capable of (and missing out on what he or she has yet to learn).

Sometimes, female dancers wear very loose skirts. When they twirl round rapidly, these skirts fly out due to centrifugal force, revealing the dancers' thighs and even their panties.

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