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Fantasywear is a style of clothing, usually including lingerie, that people wear in private usually for living out sexual fantasies. Such costumes are exampled by the outfits ensembles, or by the use of materials such as PVC, satin or rubber.

Sexual fantasies

When the partners wear fantasy costumes, they also embrace the different personalities instead of their own. The costumes range from classical attire, as in ancient Greek times, to present day firemen. Many times both partners decide what they want to be, and prepare a rough plot of their locality and shop for their attire and plan for a place and time where they would not be disturbed by others. Sometimes one partner surprises the other by suddenly appearing in a fantasy costume and the rest of the time goes based on their participation. When one partner is more active, usually he or she performs erotic dancing or speaks erotic dialogue as part of the fantasy. See role playing below.

Example costumes

See also

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