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Man in Speedos

Speedos are a make of swimming costume. The ones for males are tight and tend to show the outline of the male genitals clearly (male bulge). This can make them a fetish object for members of either sex. They come in a range of colours.

The term may be used generically to refer to tight swimming briefs of any make.

According to Parme Giuntini in Garb (2008, ISBN 0-13-111910-9): "American men primarily associate the Speedo with European tastes, gay lifestyles, and specific athletic competitions, but not as a swimwear option."


The Speedo company began in Australia in 1914 as MacRae and Company Hosiery. Following the success of its swimwear in the 1924 Olympics, it held a competition to find a better name and slogan. The winners were "Speedo Knitting Mills" and "Speed on in your Speedos". The firm continued to research swimwear that would help swimmers to go faster, culminating in the speedsuit.

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