Snake play

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Trussed up and hooded for snake play

Snake play or worm play is a form of roleplay where a person acts like a snake or worm, crawling around on his or her belly. This is intended to create feelings of humiliation, submission and helplessness in the person. This may be useful for ego reduction.

If the person does not move, he or she may be encouraged or forced to crawl around.

Often, bondage is used to keep the victim in this mode. The arms should be pinned to the torso. An effective technique is to tie the wrists behind the back, add elbow bondage and then use tight ropes round the arms and torso to immobilise the arms further. Another possibility is to use a straitjacket. The legs should be pinned together with a leg binder, or tight ropes around the knees and ankles. A rod fixed between the legs holds them rigid and makes even crawling quite difficult. A gag may be used, to prevent coherent speech; a blindfold or hood adds to the sense of helplessness.

For a woman, breast bondage makes the breasts more sensitive, so that crawling along is more uncomfortable. It should thus only be used in snake play if the intention is to make the victim uncomfortable.

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