Breast bondage

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Breast bondage over a t-shirt

Breast bondage is a technique used in BDSM play. It differs from most bondage techniques in that it is not intended to restrict the mobility of the tied person directly. However, it can do so indirectly when it is combined with other techniques. While rope is usually used, due to its ease of use, leather straps and even chains can also be used. A bondage harness can also be used to achieve the same effect as breast bondage.



Intricate rope breast bondage

Ropes are tied around the base of each breast, causing the breasts to bulge outwards. Usually, the same rope is used for both breasts so that the rope harness is automatically held together at the front. The rope may then also be fixed behind the back, to make a sort of bra. For this to work, the tied person needs large breasts; it is rarely possible to do it to a man.

Another technique is to put a rope round the torso just above the breasts, and another one just below them, then push the ropes together to squeeze the breasts from the top and bottom, as shown in the image "Intricate rope breast bondage". This can be done instead of, or as well as, the other method. A rope can also be passed over the shoulders and between the breasts, drawing the rope above and below the breasts together, then pass back over the shoulders to the knots at the back. The primary rope can be used to place cinches between the arms and the body.

This technique is often combined with elbow bondage, to make the breasts stick out even more. When using elbow bondage in an advanced method, the elbow ropes as they pass under the shoulders and behind the neck can draw the ropes above and below the breasts together at the sides of the breasts, thus resulting in rope effectively surrounding the breasts. Sometimes, nipple clamps are placed on the nipples. Alternatively, the ropes across the back can be linked to a box tie or a reverse prayer position.

The breasts may be distorted further by having tight ropes go across the breasts and secured to the ropes around the base. Typically, there would be both horizontal and vertical ropes.

Effect and other uses

Apart from the visual appearence of the breasts being lifted, the pressure that is applied results in a reduction in blood flow, and a further swelling and firming of the breasts. This makes them very sensitive, especially the nipples and sorrounding areas, and it can be quite pleasurable when they are stimulated. Conversely, if nipple clamps are used, the nipples will be particularly sensitive to this and the degree of pain significantly greater. Rubber bands around the breasts have also been used with breast bondage to increase this effect still further, but can lead to a dangerous restriction in blood flow (see Safety).

When used in suspension activities, breast bondage can play an integral part. If the subject is being suspended, particularly in a horizontal position such as a suspended hogtie, the breast bondage is used as the main lifting area under the chest. By having ropes above and below the breasts at the upper chest, the weight of the upper body is taken by these ropes. With so much pressure in this area, the rope must be precisly place or once again blood flow could be reduced (see safety). The Japaneese use a very advanced form of breast bondage called "Shinju". Similar to breast bondage combined with a box tie, it is often used in suspension.


As with any situation where tight ropes are used, it is possible that blood flow will be restricted too much, which can cause pain and lasting damage. Photos of breast bondage sometimes show that the breasts have turned purple but this is usually an indication that restriction has gone for as long as is safe; blood flow may have been restricted too much and it may be safer to remove or loosen the ropes. A good way to start for a beginner is to use rope or other soft material to press the breasts closer to the body; this is quite safe as it is hard to cut off the circulation to the breast in this way.

Always take care whenever the breasts or nipples begin to change colour or become cool to the touch. It is better to have several short sessions than one long one. If you decide to flagellate bound breasts, ensure that you use a low-impact device. Binding the breast removes its natural ability to shift on impact and compacts the tissues so that any hard blow can increase the potential for damage.

When tying the breasts be careful of the Brachial Plexus (see Wikipedia for technical article) that runs along the back near the the shoulder blade.; nerves here help in breathing. To ensure the sub's breathing is unrestricted, you should have them take a deep breath before you start tying.

If you engage in suspension bondage, make certain that there are additional means in place that prevent the breasts from becoming the sole source of support. Rupturing, internal tearing and stretch marks are all hazards of breast suspension if not done properly.

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