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Clubber wearing an open-face latex hood (Medusa themed) at Torture Garden.

An open face hood is a type of hood which, as the name suggests, does not cover the face. While not nearly as common as full face hoods (such as gimp masks, isolation hoods, and executioner hoods), they are popular with some (mainly female) wearers as they frame the face in a striking manner and do not interfere with make-up. The effect of wearing one is much like that of a nun's wimple. Open face hoods are usually constructed from leather or latex.


Open face hoods are worn by clubbers who like the visual impact of wearing a hood but also do not want their ability to interact with other people to be impaired. They are also worn by dominants who enjoy the degree of sexual objectification that the hood imparts but do not want to hide their face from the sub.

Open face hoods are popular with pony play aficionados, as the design does not interfere with the wearing of head harnesses and bit gags. A number of manufacturers produce hoods (both open face and traditional) with a pony tail of fake hair attached to the top of the hood.

This type of hood can also be worn by people who find it difficult to wear full face hoods, either because they find traditional hoods claustrophobic, or have breathing difficulties, or they overheat in them.


Hoods in themselves are generally safe to use in BDSM play providing that they do not obstruct breathing or induce gagging or vomiting. These risks are usually brought about by combining some form of gag with the hood. The risks are heightened if the wearer is bound and cannot remove the hood themselves (see Bondage: Safety). A secondary issue is that when a hood covers the face it is more difficult for the captor to gauge the condition of their captive and may not be aware that they have become unconscious. Open face hoods by this measure can be considered very safe.

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