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Isolation hood from Top To Bottom Leathers
Latex hood from Demask
Rubber hood with blindfold and gag

Hoods play a major part in BDSM imagery and practice. They can be worn both by submissives and dominants for a number of reasons.

  • Objectification: The hood can play a major role in objectifying the wearer; for a submissive they will reduce them to the status of a sexual toy, rather than a sexual partner. Hoods can also be worn by the dominant to objectify them, but in a different way; to make them appear more distant and impersonal.
  • Sensory deprivation: Heavy latex or leather hoods can be used by the dominate partner to control a sub's ability to see and hear.
  • Transformation: Animal hoods can be used as part of an animal transformation fantasy.
  • Visual impact: Hoods have a strong visual appeal, especially highly coloured latex designs, and a very popular as club wear.
  • Total enclosure: Many fetishists are turned on by the second skin
  • As a bondage device: Hoods can encorporate attachement points for ropes and chain to secure the head as part of a bondage scene.
  • To disguise the wearer: Hoods can also serve the function of disguising identity when desired, for example at play parties.

Because of the popularity and differing reasons for wanting to wear a hood there is a massive range of different designs available from a wide range of suppliers. Prices range from a few tens of pounds for a basic moulded latex hood to several hundred pounds for a top of the range isolation hood. This article attempts to classify hoods into a number of basic types however many hoods will combine elements of more than one design.

Buying a hood

A trawl through the web will quickly bring up a bewildering array of suppliers selling every type of hood imaginable with prices from £30 to £300. Generally you will get what you pay for, the more expensive hoods being better quality and more sophisticated in their design. You will find that manufacturers will differ in how they go about constructing the hood, some concentrating on the quality of the stitching whilst others focus on the design aspects. The most important thing though is the fit and this is best delt with by trying the hood on before buing it. If a hood does not fit properly it will quickly become uncomfortable and will end up not being used.

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