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Inflatable hood (with inflatable gag) from Cocoon

Inflatable hoods are latex hoods consisting of two layers, inner and outer, into which air can be pumped. This causes the hood to inflate, making the outer hood expand and the inner hood press tightly against the face. A tube passes between the hoods where the mouth would be to allow the wearer to breathe.

As with other hood types, numerous designs variations are available:

  • With or without eye holes.
  • Use of heavier gauge latex to for for higher pressures.
  • Some will include (inflatable) gags in the design.
  • Variations on number and types of breathing tube.
  • Size and shape of the external hood; some designs can triple the size of the wearer's head.
  • Colours, black is not the only option!

Because of their design, inflatable hoods are popular as an alternative form of isolation hood and also for breath play. Inflatable hoods because of the increased risk of suffocation have their own set of safety issues.

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Ball hood

Ball hood in use; from Westward Bound

A ball hood is an inflatable hood designed so that when it is fully blown up, the wearer's head is a sphere. It is sometimes used in sensory deprivation sessions.

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