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In latex fetishism, a doll (or rubber doll, rubberdoll, rubberdolly) is someone whose desire is to acquire the appearance of a doll, usually a female doll, through a mostly latex costume that completely covers the face and skin.




A doll's suit is often a catsuit, which might have been specifically designed to mimic a store mannequin or a blow-up doll. Common colours thus include approximations of skin tones, white and black for a heavy rubber look.

For some skin or doll colours, hoods and gloves might suffice, if they feel otherwise content with the wardrobe hiding their own skin and bodily shape. For nude (a nude doll, that is) applications the suit may feature blow-up-doll-like openings with insertable pouches.


Some manufacturers offer catsuits designed to look like a blow up doll. These might include inflatable bosom, hips or other regions to enhance the visual effect of an artificial doll - or to give a male wearer the shape of a female.


This is a sleeveless silicone body suit in skin colour, with elaborate fake female organs. It is built without padding but padding can be inserted. The down side is the price and for some the less obtrusive skin touch.

Cut up blow up dolls

Some have attempted and have variably succeeded in using the outer shell of a blow-up sex doll as a full body suit. Most of them are really too small to engulf a person, but some varieties have been built reasonably life size. They're made of variable materials, from PVC to latex, and thus their stretchability is not always sufficient for comfortable wear.

Balloon fetishists have used heated air to stretch various plastic inflatables whilst retaining the proportions of the object close to original.

Cut up store mannequins

Constructed of hard plastic, fibreglass or the like and depicting body forms considerably thinner than the "common people", these are even less unlikely to fit anyone if split in half. Except for those having a petite figure, a custom-made doll shell would need to be constructed.

Hard plastic without real joints prevents movement and even with joint sections of the shell removed movement is very difficult, so the concept is more of a BDSM scene. The House of Gord has been claimed to have featured a female fiberglass shell bondage scene.

Face mask

Others seek a mannequin-like appearance or a sex doll type face, while others pursue a realistic face capable of mimicking real life women (or men), only in the material of choice. Several manufacturers have hoods aimed at achieving both objectives. Notable features include

  • dolly faces from multiple strips of latex or printed
  • concealed eyes of the wearer
  • "mouth condom", a short pouch imitating a doll opening
  • emphasized facial features for a cartoony look
  • textured finish, imitating skin
  • lifelike mouth insert with teeth, gum and tongue coverings in rubber
  • wigs

Store window mannequins' heads are often solid and can't reasonably converted for use as a mask. Even those that are hollow are often too small for a common head, especially a male head.

Blow up dolls' heads come in three types: flat printed PVC, semi-rigid plastic face with the rest of the head seamed PVC and full head foam latex or equivalent. The first type is likely to fit badly on a real head and the plastic faces are mostly too small to fit your head into. Full latex heads have quite thick layers of latex and are then likewise too small to fit over most heads.

See also Female_mask.

Organ imitation accessories

Even where an artificial look is pursued, some might want an artificial approximation of the visible sexual organs. Some rubber or silicone accessories are manufactured that hold back the wearer's own bits tucked away under the padding and possibly even allow for bodily functions without removing the accessory (for a limited time, at least).



As with any full body latex wear, wearing full dolling gear for longer periods can be straining. Some have successfully trained themselves to tolerate latex encapsulation on a larger scale by gradual introduction.

The basic idea is to start with small items such as briefs and wear them for one hour every day, but allow themselves to take them off if they start to feel excessively disturbing. When the one hour limit has been reached on seven consecutive days, the target is set at two hours. After this, they may allow themselves to take off the item after the one hour of wearing, a duration that already is known to be achievable. Again only after seven consecutive successful days is the time increased. At some point the subject can gradually move on to items covering more of their body area. In one year quite a lot can be accustomed to.


For each their own:

  • Mindless doll
  • Mischievous doll
  • Lustful doll
  • Robot-like in movements
  • Stuck posing


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