Chair bondage

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Chair bondage is a form of bondage where the victim is tied to a chair.

Typically, the victim's arms are tied behind the back of the chair and secured. However, they can also be tied to the arms of the chair. The elbows may also be secured. The victim's legs are tied to the chair legs or to cross-struts between the legs. It makes escape harder if the victim's feet cannot touch the ground.

There may be further ropes round the body and chair back, or the thighs and chair seat, to secure the victim more firmly to the chair. Head bondage fixed to a cross-strut may be used to pull the head back.

If the chair is not sufficiently heavy or fixed to the ground, it is possible that the victim will be able to make it fall over. This leads to the risk of injury or of facilitating escape. If the chair is on wheels, it may be easy for the victim to move around, again facilitating escape.

By contrast, forniphilia is turning someone into a piece of furniture, such as a chair, by bondage.

Usage in other fetishes

A victim may be tied to a chair as part of various other fetishes. For example, a cuckold or cuckquean may thus be forced to watch his or her partner being unfaithful, or someone with harpaxophilia may be constrained during a burglary.

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