Advice: Predicament bondage

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Advice: Predicament bondage

This article is designed to allow people to share experience and give advice about predicament bondage. If you feel that you have a valid contribution to make then please add it as a new section at the end of the article. If you have a comment to make about someone's advice then please use the discussion page for this. Readers, the advice given here is personal opinion and should be treated with caution. Please read the article on BDSM and the law for advice on the legal implications of this.

As with any bondage, the safety of the victim is paramount; see the links at the end.

Balzac's suggestions for predicament bondage

Cerys and I like the idea of predicament bondage, as we find the D/s aspect of it a big turn-on. It is a very effective way for the top to demonstrate the control they have over the slave, and it is humiliating for the slave to have to struggle between two impossible positions watched by the master/mistress. Like a lot of fantasies though, the practical realities do often get in the way of how you imagine it will work. The biggest problem is that after a short while the bondage just gets too uncomfortable in either position and the sub drops out of subspace and starts thinking about using the safeword.

The approach we now take is to place the sub in the predicament for a short period of time interspaced with periods where they can rest in a reasonably comfortable position. We find this works as when the sub is resting they are focusing their mind on what is going to happen to them and how powerless they are. When they are in the predicament they know that their suffering will only last for a limited period.

I find that a TENS box is a great tool for predicament bondage as it provide an effective and simple way of creating a painful/humiliating sensation (we use bi-polar butt plugs). In order to stop the current, the sub must open a switch to break the current. The art of predicament bondage is thinking up a suitably evil switching mechanism for the sub to operate. The simplest one we use is nipple clamps with weights and a pulley. To open the switch the sub must pull on the clamps and lift the weights off the ground. They then have a choice of being shocked or suspending the heavy weights from their nipples. The only real problem with this technique is that the pain caused by the nipple clamps can become too great even when the weights are not being lifted.

The other technique we use is to make the sub lift their body off a seat or support in such a way that they cannot hold the position for long and when they sit back down again they close a switch and shock themselves. We use scaffolding to construct a frame to bind the sub to, usually in a squatting position with a bar between their legs which they can rest their weight on. The pole becomes one electrode. When the current is on they have to lift themselves off the pole to break the current; the frame prevents them from raising their body more than a few centimetres.

The other issue is how to time the periods of rest for the sub. At present, we just manually switch off the TENS unit when we feel the sub has had about as much as they can take in the predicament. We are looking for a timer switch to do this automatically. We do a lot of long-term bondage and the aim is to incorporate predicament bondage techniques into this.

Update: We have now built our own device for predicament bondage which gets around many of the practical issues detailed earlier in this text. The device is basically a box containing a programmable switch connected to a movement sensor which is used to control a rabbit vibrator (the pleasure device) and an electric butt plug (the pain device) connected to a TENS unit.

In use, the victim is restrained and positioned in front of the motion sensor; the butt plug and vibrator are inserted into her and prevented from falling out. Her predicament is that as long as she remains completely still the device will keep the vibrator running and this will eventually bring her to orgasm. However should she move, even fractionally, the device will stop the pleasurable stimulation and punish her with shocks from the TENS unit. After a pause the vibrator will start again until of course she moves and is again is punished.

The devious concept behind this device is that the combination of the bondage position and the victim's increasing arousal will make it almost impossible for them to keep still long enough to reach orgasm. As soon as the victim moves, the motion sensor detects the movement and immediately switches off the vibrator. The device then waits for twenty seconds, to allow the victim to savour the anticipation of her impending punishment, before activating the TENS unit attached to the anal plug. The butt plug then punishes the victim for moving by shocking them for 30 seconds; the degree of pain can be set by adjusting the TENS unit. After the plug has been deactivated, the victim is then given sixty seconds to recover before the vibrator is switched on again. The victim has a further ten seconds to get completely still before the motion sensor is re-enabled and the cycle starts again.

The advantage of this system over previous predicament bondage techniques we have experimented with is that the victim is always given time to recover which allows for much longer sessions than would otherwise be possible. Another advantage is the pain is always for a limited time and never exceeds a level that the victim would find bearable.

The device is built around a smart relay which is a programmable switch used for running lighting or door control systems. The datasheet for the one we used is here. They cost about £90 but can be used by anyone with basic electrical and programming knowledge. The motion sensor is a cheap burglar alarm sensor bought off eBay for under £10. The only skill needed is basic soldering skills to wire up the various switches and connectors needed to make the device function.

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