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Zeta Creations is a company that fashions zoophillic sexual toys, specifically dildos in the shapes of animal penises, including real animals and artistic renderings of mythical animals.

Particularly popular among zoophiles, Zeta Creations creates animal dildos ranging from small mammals like otters right up to to gryphons and dragons. One of their most famous creations is a horse model called Thor. Dildos typically cost USD$50 or more depending on the size. This page is run by two self-professed zoophiles, Brownbear and Tigger. They have been in the market for quite some time, and their portfolio is unmatched on shapes as well as colours.

However, the Zeta Creations website is unclear, even cagey, on the actual material of the dildos: "a material similar to the "Jel" dildos you can buy at adult stores, though ours are made of a more durable material similar to vinyl." (from the Zeta Creations information page.) This should be considered in light of the safety considerations inherent in items for intimate, internal use. (See Womyns' Ware: Sex Toy Safety.)

The company logo and name, the zeta, is the Greek letter 'z', and is short for zoophilia. It is used as a code among zoophiles to identify each other, but has no other deeper meaning.

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