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YiffyToys.de is an adult shop for furries.

The site is tailored to furries in Europe and is the official European distributor of adult products from Furrystyle (including their animal-shaped dildos such as the famous K9) as well as other products that are of interest in the community, such as Bovi-Vet. It recently added mousepads and cups with adult-themes as well as "pornfolios" to its offerings. (The Pornfolio is only sold at Conventions due to legal issues.)

YiffyToys is represented at multiple large German (furry-)conventions, thus allowing customers to see and buy without the shipping costs or customs fees involved in small scale oversees imports.

The shop is run as a hobby by Suran, a furry. It was briefly known as Furryshop.de; public pressure to avoid the word "furry" in an adult website led to the current title.

YiffyToys.com no longer exists because it violated the international trademark of the much older YiffyToys.de.

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