Suspension bow

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A suspension bow is a form of suspension bondage where the victim is suspended in the inverted (upside down) position bent backwards into a bow.

One way to achieve this is to suspend the victim with their legs apart (sometimes with a suspension spreader bar) and with a rope tied to the wrists pulling the arms up behind the person, securing the rope either to the spreader bar or to a securing point between the two legs. It may be better to use suspension cuffs rather than the rope, as a large amount of stress is placed on the wrists in this position.

In this position, the victim's breasts or nipples would be pointing almost straight down (depending on the strictness of the position), and nipple clamps and weights can be added for painful stimulation. The clamps may be secured to a point on the floor, limiting the subject's ability to struggle or to move at all without causing pain.

Inverted bow

In an inverted bow, the victim is also bent backwards but is facing upwards.

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