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== See also ==
== See also ==
[[File:Skirt lengths.png|thumb|800px|Diagram of various skirt lengths]]
* [[Cut-out]]
* [[Cut-out]]
* [[Dress]]
* [[Dress]]

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PVC skirt

A skirt is a garment that covers the body from the waist to anywhere from the mid-thigh to the ankles depending on length. Unlike trousers or shorts, it is open at the bottom.

In modern western societies it is considered an exclusively female garment (except for kilts worn in a few countries, notably Scotland). It is therefore often preferred to trousers by transvestites and cross-dressers. Conversely, it may be avoided by butch females.

Tight and/or short skirts can often have sexualised connotations. A very tight skirt may show VPL.

Like other garments, it can be made of fetish materials such as leather, rubber and PVC.

A popular fetish is being able to glimpse what is under a skirt; see Panchira, Skirt up and Voyeurism.

See also

Diagram of various skirt lengths
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