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Puppy restraints are a special type of bondage device, used in Dog play. They are designed to prevent the victim/dog from standing up or doing anything considered human.

The restraints consists of four cuffs (two for the wrists, two for the ankles), which are attached to a cock ring and sometimes a ball strap (a short strap that fits tightly round the scrotum) on short lengths of chain. These short lengths of chain pulling on the attached cock ring and ball strap make it very painful, even impossible for the wearer to stand up, walk, or reach high places. However, it is possible for the wearer to crawl, sit, or beg.

Puppy restraints are not very effective as bondage devices. Because the wrists are not secured together, there is nothing to prevent the wearer from undoing the straps themselves unless they are locked in some way. In this respect, using puppy restaints could be considered a form of honour bondage.

The victim may also wear bondage mitts. These have a double function; they make the hands more like paws, and make it harder to remove the restraints.

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