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Mistress Absolute [1] [2] is a Dominatrix and Kink Ambassador.

As well as training slaves, she also runs one of the largest monthly fetish clubs in the UK, Club Subversion She is also the co-ordinator for one of the world’s biggest fetish weekends, The London Fetish Weekend The London Fetish Weekend and she is also the Bitch on the Door for Club Pedestal as well as being involved in various other UK and international events.

She has appeared in many TV programmes including documentaries for BBC 1 and 2, Channel 4, & Sky, has been featured in magazines & newspapers including Loaded, Skin Two, Time Out and The Evening Standard. She has spoken at The Wellcome Trust and even been a guest on Women's Hour.

She helps run a kinky travel company which organise parties and holidays for international travel Domme Trips and occasionally performs at fetish events around the world. Along with one-on-one sessions, Mistress Absolute also gives classes and tutorial sessions for couples and individuals wanting to know more about the fetish scene and BDSM for Coco de Mer in the UK and also privately.

She has an instructional DVD called Beginners Guide to BDSM New projects include a series of instructional kink books Absolutes Beginners Guide

She finished her Masters in Gender, Sexuality and Culture in 2010 and started researching her PhD in Jan 2011 but unfortunately had to postpone finishing it after two years. Her PhD thesis examined the history of Chastity and Cuckolding alongside the social and psychological aspect of the subject matter in today’s society.

Mistress Absolute was awarded a LAM [www.londonalternativemarket.com LAM] lifetime achievement award in 2015 and the 2016 Top Domme award; voted for by the London Fetish community.

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