Forced feminisation

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Forced feminisation or sissification is the process of forcing a man to be like a woman, generally as a means of humiliation or of asserting that the man is the bottom in a BDSM relationship.

This can take various forms:

  • Force him to wear female clothes (cross-dressing), possibly in a way that makes him look ridiculous; very feminine clothes such as stockings, frilly knickers, petticoats and stilettos, or revealing ones such as miniskirts, may be used.
  • He may be made to dress himself or the dom may dress him.
  • Include a wig, false breasts, make-up, etc. in an attempt to make him a passable female.
  • Make him behave in an effeminate manner, or train him (for example, by deportment classes) to act like a female.
  • Force him into a submissive role characteristic of stereotype females, for example that of a maid.
  • Dress him and make him behave like a young girl, for example holding a doll, sucking his thumb or sitting on someone's lap; this is a form of age play.
  • Make him take part in sexual acts, with a female or another male, in a role more typical of females. This may include being the recipient of anal sex, either from a male or from a female using a strap-on.
  • Force him to have gender reassignment therapy, medical or even surgical.

Associated activities may include forced exhibitionism, foreced shaving of the face, armpits and other parts of the body, spanking (especially if dressed as a little girl), performing menial tasks such as going on hands and knees (possibly displaying his knickers) to clean the floor (especially if dressed as a maid) and tightlacing in a corset. The victim may be placed in bondage or have padlocks on his clothing to stop him from removing the clothes.

The victim may be given a female name, called "a good girl", or insulted by being described as a "whore", "bitch" or "slut".

Petticoat punishment

One variant is called petticoat punishment. It involves a male being dressed as a girl in front of his mother, sisters, or in some cases, girls of his own age whom he had offended by his boorish behaviour. It is a kind of forced cross-dressing for punishment.

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