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A chicken-wing tie is a bondage tie in which a rope or strap around the upper and lower arm forces the arm to be doubled up with the hand near the shoulder. This is considered to resemble a chicken wing.

The hand may be further disabled by duct tape around the fingers or a bondage mitt. If the hand is balled into a fist, it can usually be put in the armpit; this forces the arm to stick out.

Generally, both arms will be in this tie (except in asymmetric bondage). Often, the arms will be restricted further. For example, the wrists may be in handcuffs across either the front or back of the neck; this causes the arms to stick out horizontally. Alternatively, the arms may be pinned to the sides by ropes around the arms and torso.

A chicken-wing can be made part of a hogtie, for example by putting ropes round the elbows that connect to ankle ties.

One use of a chicken-wing tie is in dog play. If the arms are in this tie, and the legs are in a similar tie, the victim is forced to crawl on all fours.

Another position sometimes referred to as a chicken-wing is to fix the wrists to the back of the waist, for example by putting on handcuffs and clipping them to the rear of a belt or rope round the waist. This makes the elbows stick out, especially if this is combined with elbow bondage. To create a hogtie, ankle bonds may be fixed to the wrists or elbows.

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