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Aran Ashe is an erotic writer from England published by Nexus Books. She specialises in stories of female submission in a fantasy universe involving spanking, piercing, and milk fetishism, among other things.


  • Love-Chattel of Tormunil

Love-Chattel of Tormunil continues the tenderly written erotic epic of The Chronicles of Tormunil, which catalogues the exploits and odysseys of outlanders, body-slaves, milk-slaves and soldiers, all versed in the Tormunite ways of tender SM and bondage.

  • Slave-Mines of Tormunil

True to the form of his Lidir Chronicles, Aran Ashe offers up bizarre and bewildering devices of torment that are intricate, difficult to visualize, impossible to realize, and yet smolderingly arousing to read about. But whereas such memorable entries as "The Slave of Lidir" and "Pleasure Island" developed these teasing devices in wonderfully excruciating slo-mo detail, "Slave Mines" throws them out in profuse, but undeveloped, abandon. For instance, the intimate piercing performed in "Pleasure Island" isn't realistically inflicted or healed, at least by contemporary standards, but Ashe treated his heroine's mixed-up emotions and physical responses, slowly but surely yielding to pride and sheer arousal, in incredible detail. Here, by contrast, tons of piercings and esoteric sexual practices are tossed out, but they don't get dwelt upon in the same luxurious way. Perhaps Ashe got tired of developing everything in such close detail. Fair enough, and "Slave Mines" offers many sensual tableaux: regardless of pace, Ashe is a grand master at imagining fetishistic gear and bondage games and, in his less highbrow way, he is clearly a worthy heir of Anne Rice and her "Sleeping Beauty" Trilogy. But this series is also less emotionally well-developed than the Lidir Chronicles. This can definitely be enjoyed for its sensational inventions and change of pace, but this doesn't meet the standards for "different but equal" to Lidir.

  • Leah's Punishment

A female slave is left to be punished by strangers in a medieval world

Leah – a petite, brave, and comely slave – innocently attracts the covetous attentions of the jealous steersman on her master’s boat and precipitates a chain of predicaments over which she has no control. Following a night of punishing retribution by her obsessive mentor, she is abandoned to the depravities of strangers at the mysterious Tithe Retreat. But her attempted escape serves only to propel her even deeper into the bizarre and exacting realms of intemperate sexuality.

  • Pleasure Island

The beautiful Anya, betrothed to the Prince of Lidir, has set sail for his kingdom. On the way, her ship is beset by pirates. Captured and put into chains, Anya is subjected to a harsh shipboard regime of punishment and cruel pleasures at the hands of the captain and his crew. When landfall is made on a mysterious island populated by dark-eyed amazons, Anya plots her escape, unaware of the fate that awaits anyone who dares to venture ashore.

  • The Handmaidens

Tormunil is a harsh place for serving girls destined for a life of sexual slavery. The chosen ones learn strength through obedience at the Abbey. There, Sianon and Iroise are tormented to the peaks of pleasure and punished if they seek release. Can a handsome young traveller help them?

  • The Dungeons of Lidir

In this second volume of the Chronicles of Lidir, the Prince has been called away from the castle. Meanwhile his beautiful betrothed Anya has disappeared into the vaults below the castle where she is at the mercy of Ildren the Taskmistress's harsh whims.

  • The Slave of Lidir

The first volume in the Chronicles of Lidir - the story of Anya, a copper-haired beauty sold into delightful slavery. Abandoned at the castle, she is delivered to the Taskmistress for training. But not even the Taskmistress's desire can prevent news of Anya's beauty reaching the Prince.

  • The Forest of Bondage (Chronicles of Lidir)

In this story Anya the slave girl has fled into the woods in search of her prince, only to be captured and held prisoner by the lecherous Duke and his wickedly sensual companion Aruline.


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  • Citadel of Servitude

Tormunil is a mysterious erotic citadel from which there can be no escape. Sianon is a beautiful love-slave; Josef is the outlander who tries to save her, only to be drawn ever deeper into a vortex of perverse desires. Every avenue of love must be tested, every strange pleasure explored.

  • Choosing Lovers for Justine

Initiated into a world of obedience and discipline, presided over by her strict guardian Julia, Justine is introduced to a succession of lovers. Each one has their own particular ways of taking pleasure from her willing body - pleasure which is often found through pain and submission.

  • Slave Jade (Formerly Kidnapped - Revised and Expanded)

Not for the faint of heart, this erotic tale of forced bondage and servitude will grip you by the throat and not let go until the last thrilling page. Lisa, known as Slave Jade online, is a naïve but eager player at a BDSM chat site. There she falls hard for sensual, romantic Master John, never dreaming of his plans to ensnare her. Gilbert Johnson, a lonely and dangerous man, has plans for Slave Jade. It’s only a matter of time before he captures her for his own twisted, sadistic pleasures. Plucked brutally from her life, Lisa finds herself caught in a vortex of forced submission and terror. Shackled, whipped and sexually tortured, she nearly loses her identity, succumbing at last to a constant barrage of training techniques and deprivation. An explicit, disturbing and erotic exploration into the twisted mind of a sadist and the woman he claims to love.

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