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Milk fetishism is a paraphilia in which pleasure is experienced from lactation, breastfeeding, and suckling. The behaviour is sometimes increased after a partner reports being aroused and contented during breast-feeding.


Male Motivations

Some men report a desire to experience adult nursing because of not being breastfed as infants. Others report that this desire is caused by being breast-fed for several years as young children. Sometimes men will discover it is pleasurable when they try to relieve a woman of the discomfort of too much milk in her breasts.

Some Masters induce lactation in their slaves in part as another control method.

Female Motivations

Sometimes women miss the pleasurable feelings they get from breast feeding infants. Some women report that breast feeding in an adult relationship brings feelings of more intimacy, fulfillment, and helps make them feel more feminine. Some women who engage in adult breast feeding report that it leads to a very close and mutually dependent relationship. This relationship may also occur because a frequent schedule of breast feeding is needed to keep milk flowing and to prevent too much milk in her breasts.

Methods of Stimulating Lactation

Some women take drugs, herbs, massage their breasts with their hands, or use breast pumps to induce lactation. Electrical breast pumps are generally thought to be most efficient and effective. Several drugs cause lactation as a side effect.

Health Risks

There are health risks associated with the use of all drugs. A licensed medical doctor should be consulted before using any lacttion inducing drugs. Breast feeding in the final weeks of pregnancy can cause premature labour because producing milk increases the level of oxytocin, a hormone that, among other things, causes uterus contractions, which may induce labour.

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The La Leche League has considerable information about milk production and inducing lactation. They are largely concentrated on milk production for infant nutrition, and may be less than enthusiatic about lactation as part of a BDSM venture. It is probably best not to bring it up.

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