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Often referred to as the world's #1 erotic storyteller, Adrian Hunter was inspired by the art of the late Robert Bishop. In 1993, he began posting his BDSM fiction on the internet on Usenet newsgroups. In 1997, he published his stories on a website,, which has attracted more than two million visitors. Named "Best Bondage Writer" in 2000 by SIGNY (SIGNY award), his work has appeared in dozens of erotic mediums, including Clean Sheets, Darker Pleasures, MASTER/slave, Prometheus, Touch Words and Sex Writer.

Adrian Hunter is the author of several compilations and anthologies, as well as two full length novellas co-authored by Chelsea Shepard (Once Bitten: A Story of Bondage and Discipline (downloadable PDF: Once Bitten: A Tale of Freedom in Restraint) (2004) and the book Association). His short stories, novellas and poetry have been compiled in four volumes:

Chain Reaction: Tales of Dominance and Submission (2003) is an anthology of BDSM stories that offer a literary glimpse into a world of bondage, pleasure and alternative happenings. The anthology includes bondage short stories like doc.umentary, Clockwork, A Turn of the Page and Liquidity, a science fiction short that finds young men from a distant world searching for pleasure. Stories bearing darker fantasies like The Box, With Friends Like These and I, Spy are balanced by more romantic BDSM stories such as Upon Returning.

Come True: Stories of Punishment and Surrender (2003) is an anthology exploring forbidden fantasies. This anthology features Marquise, a novella about the dramatic differences between cyberspace and real life, as well as Out of Commission. Come True also includes two stories, Statuesque and Nu de Maítre, by frequent collaborator Chelsea Shepard.

Crash Your Party Dress (2002) is an anthology which explores the light and dark side, the beauty and the beast of bondage through the eyes of the participants. This volume includes Jennifer, containing four episodes and Isabel, a novella. Crash Your Party Dress also includes newer works like Pretty Pleas. Three of the included stories, Tailor Maid, Ol' Paint and Chantilly Lace - explore the concept of "ponygirls" (pony play).

Something Just Clicked (2001, Xlibris Corporation) is a compilation of short stories and novellas journeying through the contradictions, complications, and conflagrations of erotic power exchange.

As well as his anthologies and compilations, Adrian Hunter also has other titles to his name. Ace of Slaves: A Tale of Enforced Submission (2004, Sizzler) is described as a gripping BDSM action adventure set in a surreal world that fleshes out a winning combination of crime, punishment, suspense and suspension. In addition to coauthoring books, Adrian Hunter and Chelsea Shepard are involved with, where they present bondage stories from well known bondage authors like Leviticus, Felix Dartmouth, Akasha and Bishop, as well as songs, art and links.

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