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Yolanda Celbridge is an erotic writer who has her books published by Nexus Books. She specializes in stories of female submission involving spanking and flagellation of mostly female, occasionally male subjects, often with historical or tropical settings or both.

Anonymity in the publishing of erotic literature is commonplace, and may even be considered as honoured by tradition, even in the permissive environment that pertains in the twenty-first century, when little seems to warrant the strictures of officialdom. There is surely less excuse for the current practice than there was in the Victorian heyday of James Jennings and Henry Spencer Ashbee, when prosecution of authors was likely in the UK. These regrettably brief notes could well be amplified by several people, perhaps even many, who know more about the writer(s), and we can hope that these soon feel able to provide more information. However, as things stand, some record is surely necessary in this forum for the author (or indeed authors) of this presumed pseudonym, if only because of (her?) evident and prolonged popularity in mass-market paperback sales.

On the question of whether the books issued under the name 'Yolanda Celbridge' are the work of one person, one can only point to uniformity of style and plot construction, and perhaps also the interview whose reference is given below.

The list provided below aims to inform about the titles that have been published under this authorship. It may well not be complete. Despite the doubts that may be held about the existence or uniqueness of the author using the name Yolanda Celbridge, the existence of a considerable corpus of printed work using this name cannot be denied, and inclusion of this note recognises this fact. It is to be hoped that additions may eventually be made, bearing references to other aspects of this printed work, which would better establish the existence of the author in a biographical context, but it is considered that the present entry, listing the existing material, will provide a helpful summary of this material.

Yolanda Celbridge published books

  • Belinda Bares Up, Nexus, 2005, 241pp
  • Belle Submission, Nexus, 2002, 224pp
  • Caged!, Nexus, 2001, 274pp
  • Cherri Chastised, Nexus, 2002, 262pp
  • Confession of an English Slave, Nexus, 2004, 272pp
  • Girl Governess, Nexus, 2003, 272pp
  • Lacing Lisbeth, Nexus, 2004, 240pp
  • Licked Clean, Nexus, 2005, 251pp
  • Memoirs of a Cornish Governess, Nexus, 2002, 272pp
  • Miss Rattan's Lesson, Nexus, 2003, 272pp
  • Nurses Enslaved, Nexus, 2001, 256pp
  • Peeping at Pamela, Nexus, 2000, 256pp
  • Police Ladies, Nexus, 2000, 256pp
  • Private Memoirs of a Kentish Headmistress, Nexus, 1998, 256pp
  • Punished in Pink, Nexus, 2005, 256pp
  • Sandra's New School, Nexus, 1999, 256pp
  • School for Stingers, Nexus, 2005, 244pp
  • Sindi in Silk, Nexus, 2007, 256pp
  • Skin Slave, Nexus, 2000, 256pp
  • Slave of the Spartans, Nexus, 256pp
  • Strapping Suzette, Nexus, 2003, 272pp
  • The Castle of Maldona, Nexus, 1997, 273pp
  • The Correction of an Essex Maid, 2003, 256pp
  • The Discipline of Nurse Riding, Nexus, 1998, 256pp
  • The English Vice, Nexus, 2003, 256pp
  • The Governess Abroad, Nexus, 1996, 256pp
  • The Governess at St Agatha's, Nexus, 2002
  • The House of Maldona, Nexus, 1994, 256pp
  • The Island of Maldona, Nexus, 1996, 256pp
  • The Schooling of Stella, Nexus, 1997, 256pp
  • The Smarting of Selina, Nexus, 2004, 256pp
  • The Submission of Stella, Nexus, 2003, 272pp
  • The Taming of Trudi, Nexus, 2002, 256pp
  • The Training of an English Gentleman, Nexus, 1999, 256pp

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