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Yiffstar (also known as Yiffy Story Archive) is a large repository of furry erotica fiction.

  • Webmaster: Toumal
  • Ran from/to: 19 September 2002 - current

Yiffstar is a privately-funded non-commercial story archive of adult furry fiction. It focuses on furry stories with adult or sexual content, but also has a section for non-sexually oriented fiction. Submitted content is moderated by a crew of volunteer reviewers, but there is no censorship for specific content, other than the requirement of entries to be furry stories.

Since its launch on September 19, 2002, Yiffstar has grown to provide a forum, personal furry art galleries, and web hosting for the furry fandom. The creation of Yiffstar was triggered by the demise of quality archives like gotfox.com and the stagnation of Mia's Main Index. The archive seeks to actively preserve anthropomorphic fiction, rather than building a link database.

Yiffstar is currently owned by Toumal Rakesh and hosted both in the United States as well as Austria. Over 8275 stories are archived as of June 2006, with an average of five to ten new entries being submitted and approved each day.

Warning: Adult and sexually oriented content is below. See the definition of yiff.



Yiffstar features a forum with an active furry community. Some of the more popular subforums include "The Yiffstar Village" (General talk), "Endless Yiff Stories" (Yiffy Roleplay), "Yiffy Pictures" (Furry erotic art) and many others. The forum has over 9500 registered users, of which approximately 1500 are active participants who post more than 1 message per week.


Yiffstar has its own web-based chat room, centred around the act of online sexual roleplay. Due to YiffChat's availability even through firewalls, and because of its ease of use, it is one of the most popular services of the site.


F.A.P is an image board in the spirit of 2chan. Adult furry art is posted in threads with specific topics, often grouping pictures of individual species of anthropomorphic creatures into a single thread. Initially started as a board similar to FChan, FAP has switched to a software that provides a filtered, "image only" view on its forums. Contrary to the other 2chan-based boards, FAP does not have a DNP list. The majority of images is being linked to, with an automated thumbnailing system making sure that the link target doesn't suffer from excessive traffic draining. Images can be uploaded as well, but the artist has to give permission for this to happen first. This approach, combined with no thread expiry, a friendly moderation style and a connection without any monthly traffic limit, aims to become a long-lived image board where art does not simply vanish after a set time.


Yimu Island is Yiffstar's own MUCK, located on muck.yiffstar.com, port 8888. Centered around a fantasy island, Yimu sports a variety of locations like Mt. Saramei, a central town, several beaches and of course a good number of user-operated bars or locations. It is nowhere near as large as FurryMUCK, even though it is currently experiencing a surge of popularity with around 80 users online at times.


Yiffstar's Gallery provides free galleries for furry artists.


A Teamspeak server named YiffTalk is especially geared for furry voice chat, socializing and roleplay. Connecting and using the service is completely free.


Yiffstar hosts several artists; for example, Saur and Dragonfood. Such hosting is free and available for all artists, but is subject to direct negotiations with Toumal.

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