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Judging by the number of websites catering for erotic wrestling this is a popular kink both with straight and gay people of both sexes. Erotic wrestling differs from the sport of wrestling is that the activity involves elements of dominance, submission and forced sex, and is often carried out naked. The objective of erotic wrestling is sexual gratification rather than sporting prowess. Erotic wrestling can be consumed as pornography or practised as a sexual activity (There is at least one erotic wrestling club in London).

Based on the gender of the participants erotic wrestling falls into the following broad segments

Male/Male: Pornography and practice is aimed at the male gay market.

Female/Male: The majority of mixed gender wresting is based around a fantasy of female domination with the objective being the subjection of the man by the woman. Given that in most cases men are physically stronger than women the man will allow himself to be defeated as part of a desire to be dominated by his opponent. Erotic wrestling is offered by a number of pro dommes as one of their services.

Female/Female: The majority of the pornography is aimed at straight males.

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