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|{{tl|user no pigeonhole}}||{{user no pigeonhole}}
|{{tl|user no pigeonhole}}||{{user no pigeonhole}}
|{{tl|user omniviant}}||{{user user omniviant}}
|{{tl|user omniviant}}||{{user omniviant}}
|{{tl|user straight}}||{{user straight}}
|{{tl|user straight}}||{{user straight}}

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These user boxes cover alternative sexuality, such as LGBT, BDSM and other sexual pratices.


Code Result
{{user bisexual}}
B This user is bisexual.
{{user gay}}
G This user is gay.
{{user lesbian}}
L This user is lesbian.
{{user LGBT-4}}
LGBT This user supports the LGBT community.
{{user no pigeonhole}}
NP This user refuses to be pigeonholed into any category of sexuality.
{{user omniviant}}
O This user is omniviant.
{{user straight}}
S This user is straight.
{{user transsexual}}
TS This user is transsexual.
{{user transvestite}}
TV This user is a transvestite.

Animal roleplay

Code Result
{{user animal}}
Ani This user is an animal.
{{user dog}}
Labrador dog.jpg This user is a dog.
{{user pony}}
Pony This user is a pony.
{{user snake}}
Snake This user is a snake.

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