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Hi, I'm afraid that I've removed your links as I feel that the changes you have made are are advertising a members only group and not improving the article for the benefit of the readers. Sorry. Balzac 14:16, 14 May 2005 (BST)

Hi Balzac...As far as I am aware, the MMPLibrary is the only site online, apart from the Leather Archives, that has permission to use Dr Robert Bienvenu`s research (Dr Bienvenu is a member himself) & at present apart from his Dissertation, is the only site online actually illustrating the links within his research (We cover all of his research and beyond...there is a femdom bias at present as we have not yet covered & linked out to the Gay History...however that is already well represented online...we felt it would be better to try & first cover info that either hasn`t been online or is covered scantly) is a free site & like the yahoo groups it links to, contains a vast amount of historical information & photos (for instance I believe that we are the only site online to have an actual photo of John Coutts(willie)). We will also be covering the period from 1971 to present day...the reason for these being in msn & yahoo is that they are free. ( we have a network of over 30 sites...calculate the cost (50mb storage space free on each site x 30) of paying for online space & bandwidth) ... I notice for instance your link to Hunter Rose`s Bishop Paysite.(a members only paysite)..the complete available collection was originally posted online in 2001 in our yahoo groups...Hunter was a mod...he copied those in the collection he was missing & set up his paysite..which is fine...however all the images are viewable for free in the sites we built (unfortunately yahoo deleted them at the end of 2003 & we had to rebuild them), including scans which Hunter doesn`t have, from Mistress Michelle`s extensive B&D Newspaper collection..(BTW Mistress Michelle & Mistress Antoinette (Versatile Fashions) were the only Professional Mistresses to have Bishop do a drawing of them) the sites are run by Mistress Michelle Peters & myself. Many of the famous Mistresses, Masters & personalities (Mistress Mir, Mistress Stephanie Locke,Mistress Ann Murray,Robin Roberts,Lenny Waller to mention a few)of the 60`s,70`s,80`s & 90`s American B&D scene are members...Mistress Michelle has a vast amount of History still to`s an ongoing project.we feel that it is important to have a free history & information resource for the B&D community..with the passing of Mistress Monique Von Cleef earlier this year, we also feel that historical information from those "who were there" (For instance MM actually knew Lenny Burtman & worked for most of the main American B&D Magazine & Newspaper Publishers from the Mid 1970`s to their circulatory demise in the 1990`s) should be available to all before theres no-one left to tell....come join the Library & check the sites out...I think you will be surprised at the wealth of History & information in them.


(P.S. Did you ever see Princess Spider`s "Dominatrix Reloaded"? MM was featured in one episode)

Thnaks for the information. I'll re-instate the changes you made (or you can if you get a chance before I do). It would be useful if you could create an article in the media section to explain what the MMP library is and then add it to the right of the external links. As a user I found it difficult to work out what sort of site it was and so an explanation on the Wipipedia would be very helpfull. We have had a number of people trying to use the site to advertise their own purely commercial projects and your postings set a few alarm bells ringing! Balzac 10:32, 15 May 2005 (BST)

Ok..I`ll get to writing the piece in the media`s on the todo list...which, given that MM & myself are the main builders & administrators of the 30 odd groups, may not be too immediate & maybe piecemeal as time come join the Library....wanna hear bettie page`s voice?? - theres that and many other rarities.


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