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ViciousLover is a member of the Dark_submission chatroom located on the irc network. ViciousLover has a couple erotic novels being published sometime in 2006.

Although he's practiced s/m techniques most of his adult life, he has only been recently involved with the BDSM community since 2003.

Hey everyone.

I'm hoping to become a regular contributor here, and to assist in writing articles as best I can. It's a great topic, BDSM, and it's been a wonderful community that I've been happy to be a part of for a couple years now on

You can reach me directly at viciouslover at gmail dot com or leave a posting here for me to read.

Most of the things I post I do so in stages, and you'll find that I write a basic summary first, than begin the task of adding links and media files etc, where applicable. At that point I begin to find references that make more sense and add those bits of information to the main article.

I'm looking to at least make building blocks to articles that others can contribute to, and help in the future editing process of other articles.


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