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Club: Treats
Type of Club: play
Active or defunct: Active
Venue: See website
Contact: See website
Summary: Fetish BDSM Events are held at least once a month. Dates of Events can be found on their main website

The Venue has two very well equipped custom built dungeons and a further 3 playrooms, garden-patio-BBQ-area, DVD lounge, changing rooms, inflatable dungeon, kitchen-buffet area, dance area, accommodation, washing and showering facilities.

Registered Guests may attend by Invitation Only. There is no General Public access to these Private Events. Contact the organisers via their website to register with Treats! Please apply separately for each person.

Who may apply ? You MUST be over 21 and if a Male you must be Gay, TV, Part of a Group (ie one of a Dom's Sub's), they do NOT admit Single Males unless proposed by an existing Member.

Invitations are sent out for each Event four weeks before the event. Membership does not guarantee a place as we can only admit 80 Guests to each Event.

Guests are asked to make a £15 donation to the running of each Event, this is to provide soft drinks, fruit punch and a hot and cold buffet / BBQ. You may bring your own alcohol.

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