Suspender tights - personal experiences

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Suspender tights from Westward Bound

Speedoslover's experiences

Suspender tights, under the name bodyfree tights, are currently widely available in London. As someone who enjoys wearing stockings, I tried a pair for comparison. They proved to be far inferior:

  • I found them harder to put on and take off than stockings with a suspender belt. The top of such tights is a collection of thin strips of material, and they easily get tangled up.
  • I also did not like the visual impression. The strips from the top of the legs to the waistband are much wider than suspenders, and they need to be because they are made of tights material so if they were very narrow they would be too weak. Also, they do not have even the illusion of the clips at the ends of the suspenders that grip the stocking tops.
  • The length of these strips cannot be adjusted, as they can with real suspenders, so I found it very difficult to get everything nicely taut.

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