Strict bondage - personal experiences

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I am sometimes put into strict bondage. My captor isn't very good with ropes so we use other equipment. It starts with a bondage belt, buckled tightly around my waist. Two cuffs are clipped to the back. They are fastened around my arms just above the elbows, tightly enough to ensure that I cannot get them to slip over my elbows. My arms are thus held behind my back, with the elbows fairly close together. I get bondage mitts on my hands.

Now I lie face down on the bed. A set of four cuffs is put on my wrists and ankles (the ankle ones being larger). Each cuff is joined by a chain to a metal ring, so I am now hogtied. My wrists are handcuffed. Belts are buckled tightly around my ankles and knees. These are ordinary trouser belts, shortened and with extra holes punched to make them suitable for this purpose. A third belt goes round my shins and thighs, forcing me to keep my legs bent firmly double.

Finally, I am gagged, blindfolded and hooded. The blindfold is a pair of swimming goggles which press pads of cotton wool against my eyes. The hood is tight Lycra. Total helplessness!

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