Story: Breathing

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by Speedoslover

Slowly, I regained consciousness. Where was I? I dimly remembered how I had been abducted - grabbed in an alley, bundled into a van and chloroformed.

I tried to sit up, and found that I could not move. Looking around, I saw that I was tied to a bed. My arms were tied firmly and inescapably behind my back, with a rope holding my elbows pressed tightly together. Another rope bound my wrists, and pulled them down towards the bottom of the bed. But I was kept in place by a collar round my neck that was secured to the head of the bed.

More ropes pulled my ankles towards the corners of the bed, spreading my legs wide apart. My mouth was stuffed so full that my cheeks bulged, and a tight gag stopped me spitting anything out. I wore a corset, laced so tightly that I felt as if I were being cut in two. Below the corset were stockings and high heeled shoes. My breasts were bare, and having my elbows pressed together behind my back made my breasts look bigger. My wide open legs made my lack of panties very obvious. There was a pile of pillows under my back, so that my bottom was clear of the bed.

As my head cleared, I struggled with all my might to escape, but it was futile. All I could do was tire myself out.

Just as I was giving up, you entered the room. You said not a word as you blindfolded me, then put a hood over my head. I felt you rub something cold between my legs, then there was a strange sensation - you were shaving me with a wet razor.

When you had finished this, you started caressing and kissing me all over. You played with my breasts, and sucked my tits. You were very good. In no time, my tits were rock hard, and I was damp between the legs. You pushed vibrators into my bottom and between my legs, and manipulated them skilfully. I soon started to come, and began panting. But I realised that the hood let through very little air. Also, the corset was so tight that deep breathing was almost impossible. I was suffocating! I panicked, and once again tried to break free, but the ropes were far too strong and well-tied. Just as I felt as if I'd black out, you took off the hood and let me calm down, and I could breathe. As soon as I was OK, you put back the hood and began again. Several times you brought me to the edge of a spectacular orgasm, only for me to suffocate before I could climax.

Finally, just before I thought I'd die of frustration, I felt you remove the hood and corset, then you climbed on top of me. You were naked. Tenderly, you entered me and used all your skill to stimulate me again. I had the most wonderful multiple orgasm of my life, and drifted off happily to sleep, almost naked, still blindfolded, gagged and bound.

I awoke to find myself in my own bed at home, wearing my usual sleeping attire of a black thong and hold-up stockings. Had I dreamed it all? If so, why was I shaved between the legs?

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