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An Australian stock whip

A Stock whip (often called a 'Stockwhip' or 'Australian Stock Whip') is a type of singletail whip, used by Australian stockmen (ranchers). Its form originated in the English hunting whip, but it has since become a distinct type of whip.

Similar to an American bullwhip in body composition, its main difference is in handle construction. Unlike a bullwhip's imbedded handle, the stock whip handle is not fitted inside of the thong and is usually longer. A stock whip's handle is connected to the thong by a joint typically made of a few strands of thick leather. This allows the whip to hang across a stockman's arm when not being used. The handles are normally longer than those of a bullwhip, being between 12 and 18 inches in length. Stock whips are also almost exclusively made from tanned kangaroo-hide.

Stock whips are not suitable for SM play unless in the hands of an expert.

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