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Rubber sock from Westward Bound
Model wearing socks

A sock is a garment of soft material covering the foot and part of the leg, generally worn under boots or shoes. It may be any length from ankle to above the knee; there is no clear dividing line between very long socks and stockings.

Socks are usually made of cotton, wool or nylon, but may be made of fetish materials such as rubber.

Someone with a sock fetish may want to smell dirty socks, or it could be an accessory to foot worship, trampling or kicking.

A sock is a convenient item to use for a stuff gag; for humiliation, dirty socks might be used..

School uniform fetish

Socks are used in school uniform fetish like schoolgirls. An authentic uniform should include socks; for girls' uniforms these are often white, for boys' these tend to be grey. In either case, they should be long enough to reach the knee, possibly with enough to turn over at the top.

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