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Poser Art
Poser Art
a very basic composition

Poser art is any image created using the software application Poser. Poser is a three-dimensional rendering and animation program optimized for models depicting the human figure. Poser comes with several nude human figures including optional genitals; for this reason, there is a large user base creating erotic and pornographic artwork with Poser figures.



Poser is marketed as a human and animal figure posing and animation tool, although other articulate models as well as "props" can be easily animated. Poser comes with libraries of human, animal, and robot figures, poses, hair pieces, props, hand gestures and facial expressions. Facial expressions are implemented through the use of morphs, which are also used in many models to allow customizing of body and other features.

Starting with a blank screen objects are added to the composition, an object can be anything from a human figure to a prop such as a wall, item of furnature, or a piece of bondage equipment. The objects are then positioned and manipulated in three dimensions to acheive the desired composition. Lighting can also be controlled to alter the brightness and shadows in the image. Finally a virtual camera is positioned to produce the finished composition.


Poser has a large and avid following at a fairly high number of online community sites, and due to the inability to perform sophisticated high-level 3D modeling inside the application, an ecostructure has grown up around the trade and sales of Poser content. As a minor subculture in its own right, the 'Poserverse,' as this phenomenon is referred to, has spawned a number of individuals known by their works. The largest communities are Renderosity, Poser Pros, DAZ3D, Runtime DNA, Renderotica (adult), and E-Frontier's own Content Paradise.

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