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Peter W. Czernich is the founder, producer and primary photographer of Marquis Magazine (originally published as <<O>> but changed for legal reasons) and Marquis Films in Germany. Czernich is a high-end photographer who specialises in erotic photography, mostly of women, in elaborate fetish situations and settings, mostly latex focused.

Czernich has published and had his works featured in several collection anthologies and gallery showings which have gathered mainstream notice and several interviews with the news media on his choice topic of fetish focuses. Czernich usually features notable fetish models in his photographic work including Lorraine Sisco ("Tall Goddess"), Dita Von Teese, Kumi, Emily Marilyn and his own wife Natalia (not to be confused with Natalia Mulhausen).

Czernich has published anthologies of his work including "Fetish 101: Celebrate Your Fantasies" (photography) and "Terminatrix" (illustrations -- Terminatrix was supposed to have been an ongoing series but was cancelled after the premiere issue) as well as specific select collections of his works.

Czernich also continues to produces Marquis Magazine which is considered a staple of the fetish industry as well as the "Heavy Rubber" imprint which is a latex specific fetish magazine. Heavy Rubber is published four times a year. Czernich usually records and releases one or two new film products a year through Marquis Films, though in past years he used to be more frequent in his release schedule.

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