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This is a list of websites which document and explore aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. Feel free to add websites to this list; please include a description of the site and its content. Sites that we feel are not of sufficent quality will be removed.

    This is a website that explores the relationship of a D/s couple. There are many erotic D/s themed stories, dragon fantasy world erotica, pony tales, etc. as well as numerous poems. Of particular interest is the section called "Our Story", which documents some of the very raw emotions that are often a part of life and little spoken about. The couple met in their forties, both married, and describes the struggle that they had about the relationship and the hurt it would cuase their families. It goes on to tell the story of how their relationship overcame these problems and developed into what it is today. There are also essays about such topics as switching, pony play, mummification, canes, wax play and bondage.
  • Ramblings of a slave
    A witty and very funny blog about a male slave (jssubc) and his life spent trying to serve his mistress. The section on spending lots of money on toys that don't work in particular struck a chord with me.
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