Nipple enlargement

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Nipple enlargement is the practice of enlarging one's nipples for various reasons. Desired results may be temporary (as occurs with suction devices and rubber bands) or permanent (silicone injection, skin grafting, fat implantation or hormones).

One technique is to use nipple piercings with modified nipple jewellery called Nipple Shields. These surround the nipple sitting behind the piercing (usually a barbell or bar piercing) and push the piercing away from the chest, thereby placing constant pressure on the nipple. This technique should only be performed on a fully healed nipple piercing to limit the possibility of migration (where a piercing gradually works its way out of the skin, possibly leaving severe scarring).

Reasons cited for the practice of nipple enlargement include aesthetics, breast enlargement, enhancement of erotic nipple stimulation and transgender.

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