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Master Warlock, was born Richard Schuetze on October 23rd, 1947. Master Warlock is the owner of and is a BDSM producer, actor, performer, film director and lifestyle Dominant.


Personal life

Master Warlock Graduated from Taft High School in Woodland Hills then went to California State University Long Beach.

Master Warlocks’s father was a cowboy. Master Warlock is divorced. He has one daughter.

Master Warlock is an Electrician and owner of an electrical company.

He is a huge fan of F.E. Campbell

He was a race car driver and makes hot rods in his spare time.

As of 2014, Master Warlock resides in Paramount, CA.

Adult Film Career

Master Warlock has created nearly 100 films under his 2 production companies Bondage Maidens and Savage Submissions.


His Shibari and photography has received much recognition and love on FetLife and other sites. Bringing his art to the front of Fetlifes Kinky and Popular page.



Title Year Producion Company DVD Cover
Alice in Savageland 2009 Bondage Maidens Alice in savageland.jpg
Beat Me Silly 2008 Bondage Maidens Beat me silly.jpg
Best Of Bondage Vol. 1 2006 Bondage Maidens Best Of Bondage Vol. 1.jpg
Best Of Bondage Vol. 2 2009 Bondage Maidens Best Of Bondage Vol. 2.jpg
Bound Soul 2008 Bondage Maidens Bound soul.jpg
Bound To Submit 2007 Bondage Maidens Bound to submit.jpg
Deep Impacts 2008 Bondage Maidens Deep Impacts.jpg
Dr Mal Practice Medical Deviant 2008 Savage Submissions Dr Mal Practice Medical Deviant.jpg
Harsh Life Of Riley 2008 Bondage Maidens Harsh Life Of Riley.jpg
Liam's Greatest Hits 2009 Bondage Maidens Liam's Greatest Hits.jpg
Love Em And Liam 2008 Bondage Maidens Love Em And Liam.jpg
Riley Tapes 2008 Bondage Maidens Riley Tapes.jpg
Savage Stories 2 2010 Savage Submissions Savage Stories 2.jpg
Savage Submissions 2006 Bondage Maidens Savage Submissions.jpg
Savage Submissions 2 2006 Bondage Maidens Savage Submissions 2.jpg
Scenes of Submission 2008 Bondage Maidens Scenes of Submission.jpg
Taught To Obey 2007 Bondage Maidens Taught To Obey.jpg
Tears Of Torment 2008 Bondage Maidens Tears Of Torment.jpg
Tears Of Torment 2 2008 Savage Submissions Tears Of Torment 2.jpg
Tortured Soul 2009 Savage Submissions Tortured Soul.jpg
Two Days In His Dungeon 2010 Savage Submissions Two Days In His Dungeon.jpg

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